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We commonly hear the term , “credit” and the very first thought comes is , “money “. It is the money that is borrowed or you are endeavoring to borrow it from the bank or credit card issuer.You can use the credit for multitudes of purposes until and unless you stand by the payment terms.Did you ever think about the basic types of credit ? If no , then , let us familiarize you with the basic types of credit .

If you are planning to create the credit card statement then , it is essential to know that what type of credit you have so that you can contrive it according to it. For more details , keep visiting us at!

Types Of Credit

There are basic two types of credit :open-end credit and closed end credit.Since , the word , “open ” in the former one is evident about what type of credit it can be. More precisely , it could stat as , “A credit that can use over and over as long as the minimum monthly payments have made on time monthly”.

Whereas , the closed-end-credit has restrictions and is limited. It is , ” A type of credit that can use once only”.

You have to applied for a new credit if you need to borrow again. Mostly, loans belong to type, closed end credit. You ought to repay the full amount of the loan along with the interest and any other charges within a particular period of time. The time period for repaying closed-end-credit has typically expressed in months.

Applying For Closed-end-Credit

You can contact bank for applying for a closed end credit. For this purpose, the lender needs requirements that have investigated and he will need to know that you use the credit for some specific purpose. For instance, loan for a car is a type of closed-end-credit that you will be using to purchase a car.In short, personal loan belongs to type, closed-end-credit.

In order to approve your application for closed-end-credit , the lender will review and go through your credit history to check that whether you are eligible for this or not. For this, it is must for you to have  a good credit score, only then, it has approved. Your credit score can affect the amount that you borrow and the interest rate you pay  if you had made any down payment. So, be careful in using your credit.


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