Advance a Mortgage on A House

Time for professionals to be braver

The national papers recently cottoned onto something that we reported – the difficulty when surveyors decide a property is not, in their humble opinion, worth what a buyer wants to pay for it.

A further problem seems to be that some solicitors are unable to cope with the surge in property sales affecting the number of conveyances the need to complete, resulting in a slowing of the sales process.

The downside to both of these scenarios is that sellers sometimes realize their home may have increased in value while the delays have been going on so they then want to seek a higher price, either by re marketing or asking the potential buyer to raise their offer.

Difficult for the people stuck in the middle

It makes life very difficult for the people stuck in the middle, the estate agency staff who has to try to keep all the balls in the air. While we are contracted with the seller rather than the buyer we have to make sure that buyers are happy if the seller wants to make that sale.

It’s a hard time, even though the property market has supposed to be enjoying a period of plenty when it comes to sales. Delays can lead to transaction chains breaking down or some of the parties involved in going off the boil.

It is, perhaps, possible to have a little sympathy for surveyors who found in the market downturn that building societies were quite happy to pursue them if they thought a previous valuation on a property that declined in value had been too high. Lenders never like to take a risk, hence the caution of valuers and the lenders who employ them, in the current rising market.

But lenders must be sensible. The market has changed and relying on the historic valuations that seem to drive their decisions is not sufficient.

Advance a mortgage on a house

When asked to advance a mortgage on a house currently for sale it’s no good relying on the figures for a neighboring property sold in the depths of the recession. It may bear no relation to the property they have asked to mortgage now nor will its value reflect the current market.

Lenders have to get themselves up to speed with the current situation. They take a fee for a mortgage application and value. But won’t return any of it if the sale doesn’t proceed. They can’t lose, and nor can the valuers who also get paid. But potential borrowers can suffer considerable financial detriment which they can’t keep repeating over several aborted purchase attempts.

While there may be concern over a property in the market, it doesn’t apply in this part of the southeast. Sometimes the professionals involved in the property market have to be braver in their decisions. Now is one of those times.

What is the point of social media for a simple estate agent like you and me?

O.K here we all know that we estate agents are not the most trusted species on the planet. Rightly or wrongly, sellers and buyers often see us as a necessary evil – something that must be endured rather than enjoyed. And there the opportunity for us and indeed our customers advance mortgage house. If trust between ourselves and potential customers is in such short supply – what can we do to nurture it? Well, one way is to at least try and build a relationship. Unless I’ve prepared to personally visit every potential customer in their home (which I’m not).

Or at the pub (which I’m willing to consider) – I’d better find a more expedient way to build relationships with them my potential customer base. That’s where comeS is in. By sharing information, giving feedback and most importantly of all interacting with others I can’t help but build relationships. With relationships come to trust and with trusting comes – well who Knows. But I do know that there’s more chance of me conducting business with someone who trusts me than with someone who doesn’t trust me – [B]and that’s why it matters

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